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Multiple Vulnerabilities on Samsung SRN-1670D

We identified multiple security vulnerabilities that affect Samsung SRN cameras. These issues permit a remote, unauthenticated attackers to gain full control over the device. We thank the CMU CERT for having coordinated the disclosure process.
Date: 12/01/2016 CVE: CVE-2015-8279, CVE-2015-8280, CVE-2015-8281 [Read more]

Backdoor access to Techboard/Syac devices

During a security assessment on one of our customers, we had the opportunity to analyze a device by Techboard/Syac, a manufacturer of digital video recorders (DVR) and network cameras. In particular, our analysis focused on a device of the DigiEye product line. The assessment led to the identification of a "backdoor" service, originally introduced by the device manufacturer for testing and support purposes, that could be abused by remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the device, with administrative privileges.
Date: 07/07/2014 [Read more]

Attack campaign targeting Apache Struts2 vulnerability

At the beginning of March, a security advisory was published about two high-impact issues affecting Apache Struts2, a widely-used framework to create Java web applications. Despite they can be exploited to cause either a DoS (CVE-2014-0050) or to gain remote code execution on the affected server (CVE-2014-0094), these vulnerabilities have not raised much interest until a proof-of-concept exploit was published on a Chinese blog in April, followed by a more detailed write-up describing the technical details of the attack. In addition, on April 24th, researchers from Vulnhunt showed the inefficacy of the countermeasures initially proposed as a workaround to address the bugs. As usually happens in these cases, after the publication of the PoC attackers started to mass-scan the Internet, searching for vulnerable servers. As a consequence, in these days we observed automated attacks trying to exploit CVE-2014-0094. All the attacks we observed so far are originated from a single source IP, namely
Date: 04/29/2014 [Read more]